Here at Yellow Pages Resource we have been designing YP programs for National and Regional companies for almost 20 years.

If you are ready to brush the dust off your YP ad campaign, call us and see the difference for yourself.


          Why Clients Hire & Stay With Us
National & Regional

Yellow Pages Resource is a Media Metrix company –
our entire business is based on quantifying results
and improving efficiencies.

Not every National Yellow Pages plan can be cut without losing calls – but every program we have looked at can be optimized to generate more qualified sales lead per dollar spent.

The difference with our company is not just that we have the most advanced YP management software, sophisticated marketing tools and databases, call tracking and ROI models, but that we are passionate about the work.

We never stop investing the energy to keep improving your ad dollars efficiency while providing the type of customer relationship experience that too many ad agencies have given up on.

We believe our real job is increasing your companies return on the advertising dollars invested in Yellow Pages while making your work day less stressful.